What Is Debt Consolidation ?

Debt Consolidation is a process in which someone obtains a loan to pay out a number of smaller loans, debts, or bills that are at a high interest. By combining all debts, the monthly payments will be much lower, your credit score will be on its way to recovery as your debt load will decrease. If your debts are in arrears and with collection agencies, our trained negotiators will deal with your creditors to save you hundreds even thousands of dollars. We usually get debts settled out for 25% – 50% of the original balances. With our low monthly payment plans, quick credit recovery time, and the elimination of hassling creditor phone calls we offer the complete package. At Alternative Loans, we show you how to save money and assist with credit recovery going forward.

How It Can Work For You

Are you having a hard time with high interest credit card debt? Collection agencies or debt collectors harassing you in regards to your debt. Here at Alternative Loan we can find a tailored solution for you.

In today’s market the average low credit card interest is 19.99% to 29.99%. Car loan interests increase proportionally to payback period. Liens on homes can be very costly due to the fact you are still accumulating interest and adding legal fees, this applies to money owed to the CRA, credit card companies, and family responsibility office.

By consolidating the amount and creating a low interest loan payment we can minimize the interest payments and save you money.